Our main equipment

A high precision wire EDM machine made in Switzerland, with linear glass scales equipped on all the 5 axis. Capable of surface finish up to RA 0.1μm and a high speed processing, it is also suitable for workpieces up to 1200 x 700 x 400mm.
AgieCharmilles CUT300m
A die sinking EDM machine which includes a rotary tool changer of 32 tools. It is also equipped with the Intelligent Speed Power Generator (ISPG) patented technology, which allows a high level of shaping accuracy and surface polishing.
AgieCharmilles FORM200RTC
A high precision machining center with different tools and rotation speeds, which even after processing the workpiece for 30 hours the difference of level is within ±2μ. In our company, it is mainly used for electrode shaping or for steel or tungsten carbide pieces.
A high precision CAM system which uses a hybrid CAM engine with both polygon and surface operation. It can deal with all kinds of shape design.

5 axis high speed machining center