Die production

Our products resulting from the fusion between the latest technologies and advanced engineering skills respond to all kind of needs.

Example of processing with general lathe

Our team of young engineers and our lathe machines are working together to offer a wide variety of products. The latest NC machine tools provide a high precision and a fast production speed in order to meet all the delivery deadlines. However, there are cases when these machines cannot be used. In these cases, our general lathe machines will complete the parts that NC machine tools cannot produce, in an effective manner and with high accuracy. If you have a product that other companies cannot produce, please do not hesitate to send us your request.

After accumulating experience through hard work, being able to produce high quality dies gives me a great feeling of personal accomplishment
After a long process to learn all the techniques and accumulate experience, I feel satisfied every time we complete a new high quality product. Due to this company’s culture of challenge, even the young staff are assigned to work with advanced machinery and given diverse responsibilities to develop our skills, making it a very rewarding experience.

Tatsunori Yamane, Production Department

It is a really rewarding job, as we can challenge ourselves by easily proposing new ideas about the things we would like to try
We use several machines and tools for cutting or assembling. During the lathering process, we spend the time using a mix of intuition and technical skills, so all the tasks are very interesting. Also, since there are many young professionals teaming up together, the working atmosphere is really good.

Naruyuki Sugimoto, Production Department